Monthly Coaching

Weekly Check-ins allow us to continue to build your individual road map as I offer accountability and guidance. We will celebrate your successes, navigate your challenges and readjust the course as necessary.

I offer two different approaches. 


  •  Habit focused:  We will work together on tackling habits that hold you back, one by one. You will learn to make small, consistent and sustainable changes to your life while learning to use portions based on your plate or hand. This does not require logging your food, counting calories or weighing and measuring food.


  •  Macro-based:  I will give you an individualized prescription of proteins, carbs and fats to eat each day in order to reach your goals. This requires you to weigh and measure the amount of food that you eat and log it into an app such as myFitnessPal. This program also focuses on changing habits, but it has a heavier focus on quantity.

Contact for Pricing 

Ready to Start

  • First up...I wanna get to know you!! My questionnaire helps me learn your initial goals, habits and past experiences.
  • Next, we'll hop on the phone! I'll review your questionnaire so that I fully understand your desires and current life style. We will develop your plan during this call.
  • I'll follow up by sending you a spreadsheet where you will track your daily progress. I'll have access to the spreadsheet as well to help monitor your progress through the week. 
  • Each week we'll connect and discuss your wins, your challenges and how to work through them. I'll provide tips, motivation and accountability to keep you moving forward. 
  • Your goals are my goals. Your success is my success. When questions and challenges arise, I am here to answer them. I am always a phone call, text or email away! 

Lets get started