Theresa has always been a driven individual since the day I've met her, so I was very excited to start on this health journey with her by my side. I had been looking for a program that was easy to follow since my diet has been inconsistent. I've tried a lot of different approaches but never had lasting results since I had my daughter 2.5 years ago. She helped me from the tiny details of what foods to eat to fit each macro, to conscientiously be more aware of what I'm putting in my body, and just overall general wellness to live a healthy lifestyle. I found with her help, it was a lot easier to track my food and reach my goals. I hardly felt overwhelmed at all, and I just loved learning how I can incorporate healthy changes and still feel like I'm not missing out on anything and living my life. My results were slow and steady (which is good!) and my overall body composition has changed. I'm fitting in clothes I haven't fit in for more than 3 years. Knowledge is power, and I'm so thankful Theresa used her skills and expertise to help guide me. I can now use what I've learned more confidently and feel I have a healthier relationship with food. - Kristin C. 



I came to Theresa a little over a year after my second child was born. Before reaching out to her, I honestly thought I was only holding onto about 10 pounds more than my pre-pregnancy weight.  To work with Theresa, I had to buy a scale and weigh myself and quickly realized I was in fact 30 pounds heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight.  I couldn’t believe I had let myself go so far.  

I was hesitant to try any “diet” because I didn’t think I would have the time as a full time working mom of two, particularly to be cooking all the time.  Theresa never let me get down about the large amount of weight I had gained and genuinely understood my busy life and time limitations.  She immediately instilled confidence and positivity in me that I could lose it and it would only take some small changes to my diet (and not much more cooking).

Theresa is always quick to send easy, low preparation recipes and ideas for what to buy at the grocery store so I have been able commit to making changes. She helped me plan in advance how to stay on track during vacations (including a trip to Disney World) and make good choices when I eat out.  

During periods of stress, she is there with an ear to listen and tips to get through the more challenging times.  When the scale goes up, rather than down, she quickly reminds me of all the reasons it could have gone up and tells me to trust her that it will go back down…and it does. 

There is no judgment or rigidity with Theresa, she truly cares about you as a person and wants you to find a lifestyle/nutritional plan that works for you.  During the few months I have been working with Theresa, I’ve lost 22 pounds and set lifetime PRs at the gym…at age 41.  I’m sleeping great, fitting into many of my old clothes and my body composition has completely changed.

I am so thankful I reached out to Theresa.

--Mary K



It has truly been life changing to you work with you. I was nervous at first because I've tried working with a nutritionist and I couldn't follow through. But with you there is constant contact and check-ups to see how I'm doing and that keeps me motivated. I know that if I have a bad day or even a bad week that, that's all it is and you don't make me feel guilty or feel bad but rather you find the positives and the little changes I could make for the next time. 

You talk about compromises. I can get the balanced meals that I deserve but also have the freedom to eat some of the foods I want. Thank you so much for your encouragement, guidance, and support. With each week I feel better and better about the food I eat and the healthy behaviors I've started to work on. I love how you break down each week into tiny reachable goals. It's makes it less overwhelming and exciting when I hit a small goal each week. And when you put the weeks together, all those baby steps turn into a giant one. I appreciate you and I look forward to seeing my progress with your encouragement and support! - Emily M.