What is GOOD about NOT Changing?


What is GOOD about NOT changing? It probably seems weird to ask yourself that question. We immediately want to yell out: NOTHING. There is nothing good about staying the same, why do you think I am here. I want to show you why this might be the most important question you ask yourself on the journey to creating lasting change.

How many times have you researched a new “healthy” plan. You have cleared the cupboards, bought a new gym membership, stated your goals out loud and then you falter after a week or two. You not only falter but you crash and burn. You start beating yourself up because you were not motivated or disciplined enough to follow through. Basically, you think you suck.

The reason you fail is because you have not paid homage to why you have the habits that you have. Why is it after dinner do you always reach for the chocolate? Or what is it about the nightcap that you just can not say no to? People often think that it is just a lack of self-discipline and motivation. Spoiler alert: There is a degree of the motivation and discipline needed to reach your goals, it just isn’t the whole story.  It is difficult to say no to the cake the first night and the second but in two weeks it might not seem as hard. The point that people often overlook is WHY do you eat the cake or drink a glass of wine every night?

I will use myself as an example. I drink a lot of coffee and I also have trouble sleeping. I know that I should not have coffee after 11am if I want to sleep well but even as I type this at 1pm I am sipping on a cup despite knowing that it will have a detrimental effect this evening but for right now I can not stop myself. Why is that? When I drink coffee I feel that it helps me to focus, it helps me bring awareness to what I am doing and allows me to breath and relax. Is coffee all powerful or magical? NO...not at all. I have just built a habit around working, relaxing and coffee.

To take my coffee away cold turkey would be difficult for me if I didn’t explore what is good about NOT changing. This allows you to see how the habit you currently have and how it is serving you on both a deeper and emotional level. Knowing that I see coffee as a way to relax, be productive and relieve anxiety, I know that the habit I put in its place must serve those functions.  I also know those days when I am reaching for that coffee mid-day to ask myself, am I reaching for the coffee because I crave the taste or am I feeling anxiety? If I stumble and drink the coffee like I am today, it gives me an opportunity to reflect and ask myself why?

In the same token when you ask yourself what is good about NOT changing one should ask themselves what is GOOD about changing. For me, giving up coffee after 11am will allow me to sleep better, feel more rested and aid me in being productive without feeling the pull of tiredness. Better sleep will allow for better mood and therefore better outlook, relationships and LESS coffee. It will offer me an opportunity for me to create new habits such as meditation and journaling to quench my anxiety which hopefully moves me in a positive directions.

So on your quest towards creating a better you. I ask you what is good about making a change but in the same breath I ask you to look at what is good about NOT changing. These answers here are your key to success.


Why reaching your goals are not the secret to long-term happiness


If you haven't noticed I love Crossfit. I love the daily friendly competition, the camaraderie and the fact that you can always be better. When I first started Crossfit I was intimidated by the barbell. I was especially nervous about the complex lifts like the snatch and clean & jerk. Moves that looked easy to master on youtube but in real life were like trying to rub your stomach and pat your head at the same time. As I became more comfortable with these two movements, they became my favorite within the conglomerate of moves that you perform in Crossfit. The reason that I enjoy them so much is because much of your ability to improve has to do with technique. Of course strength is involved but technique is what really separates you from the pack. And technique can always be well………..better. I love that as I tweak my technique I am able to lift more. Stay with me if you are not a crossfitter or olympic lifter…..

What I especially look forward to is 1 RM (rep max) days. These are the days where you see how much progress you have made at these lifts. Can you do better than last time? These days are filled with excitement and a little bit of anxiety.

For the longest time I was stuck being able to clean 125lbs. No matter how much I wanted to clean more it wasn't happening. Each time we did a 1RM day I would hope to clean just a little bit more like 127.5 or 130...Just something that would show forward progress.

Over this past year something happened…...I started to be able to clean 130 then 135 then 140 and so on. Some of this is that I spent more time in the gym this past year and have worked on my technique. I feel a lot of it has to do with my nutrition but that’s not my point in this post. In less then a year I have added over 25lbs to my clean. I remember about two months ago I cleaned & jerked 150lb. I was ecstatic. I never in a million years thought I would move that kind of weight. You know what happened about five minutes after the excitement wore off,……...I wondered if I could have lifted more. Within 10 minutes the glory of achieving what I thought I could never achieve wore off. Less than a month later I added another 2.5lbs to a weight I never thought I could lift…..five minutes later I felt the same….a little bit empty wondering if I could have lifted more.

Here is my point. The goal that you hold on a pedestal to weigh a certain amount, fit into a certain size or look a certain way that you are sure if you get there you will make you happy….. won't. When you get to that goal you will still be you and as soon as you reach that goal you will be looking to what is next.

The most important part in all this is to enjoy the journey. Enjoy learning to prepare food for the week. Enjoy learning to love veggies. Enjoy learning to move your body! Enjoy the progress each week but also the struggle. It is in the process where we change as a person and our life not when we reach the end goal. If you dread every moment of the process, when and if you reach your goal it will feel empty. On the other hand if you enjoy the process, the challenges and learning about how to change yourself, to be better than yesterday I think you will have a better chance of reaching your goals but to be honest you will be so happy with the person you have become it will just be another notch on your belt.

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Double Under Madness


When I first started Crossfit, I longed to have a double under. The idea of a double under seemed reasonable. Instead of jumping rope with the rope passing under your feet once each time you jumped, the rope would pass under your feet twice per jump. Seems easy right….and for some people it might be, but for me it was not.

It seemed that the harder I tried the worse my attempts were. I would end up hitting myself in the leg, arm and face. My body would be covered with welts. Each time I saw double unders as part of the workout I would dread going to the gym just a little bit.

When my mom told me about a double under clinic that was being hosted at her gym, I almost fell over myself to sign up. I looked forward to the clinic for weeks on end. I was sure that there was some secret that I was missing. I just knew when I left this clinic I would leave with smooth continuous double unders. If they would have told me at the clinic double under success required me to turn around three times, kiss the ground and squawk like a chicken, I would have done it. While the clinic offered solid tips, they were no different than the ones that I had heard at my gym. Unfortunately, the secret to success was what I suspected all along……practice, practice, practice. Not just practice once a month but daily. After the clinic, I made a commitment to myself that each day I would practice my double unders for five minutes. After weeks and months of practice ….I slowly but surely began to piece together double unders.

 “Nice story but I could care less about double unders.” You may not want a double under but think about this story and your goals to be healthier, lose weight, move more or do your first pull-up/push-up. When I first talk to people, I sometimes sense that they are hoping that I have a life hack or little known secret to lose weight or reach their goals. They are hoping for the hop on one foot, turn around, quack like a duck and the world is your answer. The solution is simple but not easy. You must change. Not only must you make changes but you have to make these changes consistently, day in and day out for a substantial amount of time. People often become overwhelmed because they think that they must change everything all at once. Imagine having never completed a double under,  I expected to complete a 100 double unders each day before leaving the gym. I promise you after day one I would have quit and never looked back. Pick a small goal and find consistent success. Start by adding a vegetable or fruit to your diet twice a week or by taking a walk once a week. Be proud of your small successes. Once these become easy build upon them. In six months when you look back you won’t even recognize your old lifestyle. Hell you might be stringing a 100 double unders in a row.


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Why I don't want a six-pack


I don't want a six pack…...well I do. If they were giving them out as free samples in Costco, I would surely grab one. One for myself and a friend of course because I am a thoughtful friend. It would be a great accessory to my bathing suit. I think I would wear it well. But here is the deal. Abs are not sold in Costco, Target or Saks Fifth Avenue. They are made of consistent hard work, sacrifice and planning.

While being fit and healthy is an important goal to me, the number of things that I would have to give up to not only obtain but maintain a six pack is more than I am willing to do right now. I have two young children and we love to make cookies and enjoy ice cream and donuts as a family. I want to take part in this family experience fully which means indulging in ice cream, donuts and cookies. Having young kids means that there is limited time for food planning and prep. Could I make the time for proper food planning and prep? Of course, but I would have to give up some time with my kids.  Do I want to do that at this time….NO.


I love crossfit! I call it sweat therapy!! I love making PR’s on my olympic lifts and getting better at the workout of the day.  Would a six pack help me be better at crossfit? Maybe….but most likely not because to be good at Crossfit, you need fuel and lots of it. I also love to eat... A  LOT !! A six pack for me would mean I would have to cut down on eating which just doesn't sound very appealing to me right now.


Here is the thing…..this is all ok! There is a different season for any dream or goal that you have. Maybe one day the attainment of a six pack will be my top goal. Today, it is not. What if I was unwilling to make the changes needed to attain abs but I still EXPECTED to hit that goal? Well ….folks that would just spell misery………...Goals are great! They are like the lighthouse in the dark! Just make sure that your goals are in alignment with what is needed to be done and what you are willing to do to obtain them.



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DON'T let a SLIP UP become a GIVE UP


None of us are perfect. Not you, me or Jimmy that seems perfect on facebook. The difference between someone that makes progress and someone that rides the train to the same destination of nowheresville time and time again is how they react to less than stellar choices and situations.

    When you have a slip-up, how do you react to it? Do you shrug it off as a moment of weakness, own it and then get right back on the plan or do you use that one M&M, slice of cake, pizza as your downfall? Are you thinking about how you can be more prepared next time, make a better choice or are you beating yourself up into oblivion? Are you telling yourself that since you made one mistake, it is not even worth trying and you should give up? Now one slice of pizza becomes the whole pie or pizza everyday for a week.

    It is crazy what we tell ourselves. If for one minute you verbalized what you tell yourself when you have a slip up to someone else having the same challenge, you would feel like the most heartless person alive. Try it… time you start feeling bad about one choice and you are heading quickly to “do any of my choices even matter...why bother?”  envision what you would tell your best friend if they came to you in the same situation.

     How many times does a toddler fall down on their way to learning to walk? Even after they start walking and seem to be proficient at it, how many times do they fall on the daily? I can tell you a lot and unfortunately the bruises on my daughters face and legs would confirm that as well.

    At any point after any fall would you tell a toddler to give up walking, it‘s not worth it. You fell once this is clearly a sign that you should never walk again. Hell NO! You would tell them to get up and try again. Every toddler dusts themselves off, sheds a couple of tears and then gets back at it. Guess what…..they go from being a novice that is falling every other step to an expert that rarely falls. Failing is part of the deal……..just don't let it be the end of the deal.

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CELEBRATE SUCCESS like your first PEE on the potty




How many times have you been given a compliment only to shake it off as nothing. For example, someone congratulates you on working out every week. Instead of saying thank you, you say well it's only three times a week for fifteen minutes. Or worse yet, what if you say well Janey started working out at the same time as me and now she works out for an hour………...WTF?…...mood kill! You just put yourself down for making progress in the right direction.



Obviously, most of us just say thank you when we are given a compliment, but these are the conversations that are going on in our head. These thoughts work against us. If you don’t feel proud of the little successes that you make, it is easy not to push yourself to do more or even worse give up.



Let me put it a different way. What if Jimmy a 2 year old boy comes up to you all excited and said “I peed in the potty” and your response is “Everyone pees in the potty” and oh by the way, “Timmy did it three months ago”. First off, you all made Jimmy feel bad about himself….shame on you. And second of all, what are the chances that Jimmy is going to pee on the potty again anytime soon. Probably slim to none. What are the chances that Jimmy is going to try anything new in the near future…….yeah….probably not good.



You would never talk to a 2 year old that pees on the potty for the first time like that….because you are a NICE person.  Especially if it is your kid… start jumping up and down like a maniac making the biggest deal out of it that you can. Guess what…..Jimmy feels good about himself and pees on the potty again, then again and again until that is just what he does.



I would love to say that we are different than a two year old but the truth is we are not. We all want to feel good about ourselves and what we are doing. We do more of what makes us feel good about ourselves and less of what doesn't. Outside validation is awesome. We all crave it but what we really need is to hear the congrats from ourselves.



So the next time you choose an apple instead of a candy bar. Walk an extra 500 steps each day for a week. Go to the gym for a week. Earn a personal best! Have a party!!! Congratulate yourself. Keep congratulating yourself and see how quickly all those little steps add up to something big.

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The Edge of Comfort


The reason why stepping out of your comfort zone is so hard is because it is the unknown. You have to do something you have never done before without the guarantee that it will work out. It is like trying to make a new recipe without the directions. You have no idea if it is going to be edible, let alone good. It is different than making the tacos you make every Friday. You could do that with your eyes closed but the results are not only predictable, they are the same. The same as last week, the week before and the week before that.  


If you want something different, then you have to do something different. Logically this makes sense to us all. Emotionally is where we all stumble.  Putting one foot in front of the other to move forward can be hard. I have been in the same spot that you have been. After my second daughter, I had all the aspiration and motivation in the world to lose my pregnancy weight. I went back to eating Paleo and limiting portions, something that I had done prior to pregnancy and after my son’s birth with success. Instead of success I was met with an unchanging scale and at times a changing scale in the wrong direction, lack of energy and frustration.


I knew at this time the same old same old was not going to cut it. On the suggestion of a friend I looked into a nutrition coach. It seemed exciting and scary at the same time. It also seemed expensive. I was scared to spend the money and not get results. I was scared to try and still fail. I was scared of being hungry all the time.


What I did know is that what I was doing was not working for me. I knew that I had two choices to stay where I was or to see what was behind door number two.


I would be lying if I said it was easy. It wasn’t. There were times when working with a nutrition coach was overwhelming. The complete revamping of how I eat and think about food was challenging to say the least. Having to think about and prepare my food in advance was a new skill. At first it seemed daunting, then it was just hard. Next it became routine and now I could not imagine it any other way!


My nutrition coach always helped to set me up for success, encouraged me and dusted me off when I had mis-steps.


This choice, this step into the unknown that scared me, has turned out to be my best next step. I have come out of the unknown in the best shape of my life, more confident, more energetic and more inspired than I have ever been. It all started with a trust, a belief and a hope of what was on the other side of my sphere of comfort.

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Change your Perspective.....Change your Life

For about two weeks we had the coldest temperature that I could remember. We had 0 degree weather for days on end. I know if you are from up north this may not even seem cold, but to me this was the coldest I could ever remember. It had me begging and praying for freezing 32 degree weather.

Small Steps....Big Reward


Tomorrow I am never eating chocolate, cake or cookies again! Next week I am going to the gym five days a week (even though you use your gym card as a bottle opener).  Have you ever made a similar statement looking at yourself in the mirror wondering how you ended up here in the first place?

Even with the best intentions I can guarantee you that by Friday at 5pm you will probably be drinking a margarita, eating chips and salsa, eyeing up that dessert menu.  You will be promising yourself that next week is when you will begin your workout routine, no dessert, clean eating..

Here is the deal…..for most of us a radical all or nothing change is not only difficult but it is a death sentence to whatever goal you have set for yourself. Don’t worry. You are not alone. Remember that new year’s resolution that you set for yourself….well 80% of those around you regularly throw in the towel by the second week in February  (

The name of the game is baby steps and patience. First of all, success breeds success. Remember that time you failed a test? How did it make you feel about that class? Not good probably. Think about all of the things you do well or have succeed at…….bet you are willing to give that a try again.

Choose a small goal. Now cut that in half. Now cut that in half again. Got it! Good. Do you think you can achieve that? For example, your goal is to work out 5 days a week but you don’t workout at all.  How about walking for ten extra minutes once a week. Do that for two to three weeks and then add another day. Before you know it you won't be able to remember a time when you didn’t walk each day.  #yougotthis

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” – Bill Gates


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