What is BAD about CHANGE


We talked in the past about What is GOOD about NOT changing. It is possible that no one has ever asked you that question. It is also highly likely that that no one has ever asked you what is bad about making a change. We live in a world and culture that making a change to our life, lifestyle or hair is revered. The more changes you make the more you are killing it at life. The problem is that every year January 1st rolls around and people have committed to making a million wild changes to their life. They are going to eat better, drink less, sleep more and work out yet a large majority of the population fails before the month has ended. WHY is that?

People often rely on motivation, inspiration and a lot of hope to carry them through instead of biting off small bites and coming up with a long term plan. Whatever results you think are going to happen... cut that shit in half and then cut it in half again and you might be close to the kind of results that actually happen not the infomercial transformations that are promised in 90-days.

What people fail to realize when they make these lofty January 1 aspirations (p.s. I think you should dream big….we all should) is that it requires a great deal of sacrifice, grit and discipline. We think that all goals and change are good. We are getting healthy right….what could be bad about that but here is the deal. All CHANGE requires sacrifice. To get that workout in everyday you might have to skip happy hour or go to bed before your favorite show to get up earlier the next day. Meal planning and prep might cut into football watching on Sunday (if you are smart you will combine the two ;) or another weekly tradition. The point is that change is not without sacrifice and giving up something that you like or possibly love.  

I love Crossfit but it is a sacrifice to go. I have to give up 2 hours of my day to do this. 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back. I have given up playdates or get together with friends. I sometimes have the opportunity to have a couple minutes to myself but instead choose to use that time at the gym. This is a sacrifice. I think in the same breath you have to ask yourself what is GOOD about making a change. For me it helps me to feel strong, self-confident and challenges me mentally and physically. Plus Crossfit is an amazing community.

We all put change and accomplishment on a pedestal but without acknowledging and accepting/internalizing the sacrifice required to make these dreams a reality they will continue to be just that...a dream.  

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