Water, Water, Water: Why Bother?


Some people are born loving water and some people are not. I grew up in a house where caffeine was revered from diet soda to coffee to tea. If it had caffeine in it then it was in our house. I never felt the need to drink water. Sometimes in the summer as kid at gymnastics practice I would workout five to six hours in an un-airconditioned building in the heat of the afternoon and I would barely sip on my water. Each day I would diligently fill my half gallon water bottle with ice and water. Everyday I would return home with the water untouched. I never saw the importance of water and never felt the ill effects of not drinking it so I never felt the need.


I still struggle like most people to get my water in. So why bother when coffee and tea are so much tastier?


Do you have goals of running faster, lifting more or over-all just performing better in the gym? Well, you can have a decrease in performance by as much as 10%, just by being dehydrated as little as 1-2%. EEEEkkk…..Not drinking water isn’t going to take you from a 6 hour marathon to a sub four hour marathon (I wish) but it can help you get that PR you have been striving for.


Looking to drop some lbs on the scale? Your hydration status is a powerful contributor to your fat burning powers. Your liver is a fat burning power house but it can’t focus on its job of burning fat if your lacking in the water department. When you are dehydrated it has to lend its fat burning powers to helping the kidneys filter your blood.


Moody? Tired? Trouble Concentrating? When is the last time you had a swig of water? Just a 2% decrease in hydration can contribute up to 30% change in cognitive function.  When do you reach for that snickers, cake or candy…..probably when you are pissy or trying to stay awake.


I could go on and on about the powers of water but I will summarize at this. By not drinking this stuff you are sabotaging yourself. If you are working hard to improve performance, habits or weight then setting goals for how much water drink daily should be top of the list. It is a simple but not always easy habit to incorporate.


I am often asked how much water should I be drinking? I recommend drinking half your body weight in oz plus 15 - 25 oz per workout. If you are a sweaty betty or you live in a hot and humid climate you should err on drinking closer to 25 oz per sweat session.


If you are a 100lbs and you worked out once a day at noon in miami, FL you would drink 75 oz a day.


If you are barely clearing 8oz of water a day this may seem impossible. Like everything else I preach just aim to be better than yesterday. So how do you set yourself up to drink more fluids a day?


  • Track it: Nothing motivates people like tracking results. Set a goal.  Every time you drink 8oz of water track it. The closer you get to your daily goal the more motivated you will be to keep it going.


  • Water before your first coffee: Rolling out of bed searching for that burst of caffeine don’t deny yourself but challenge yourself to drink a glass of water first.


  • Drink a glass of water with or around each meal: Some folks do not do well when they drink water when they eat. It affects their digestion. If that is you aim to drink a glass of water 30 minutes after each meal.


  • Set a daily midday goal. I like to set a mid-morning goal. I aim to drink half of my water by lunch. It gives me something to shoot for. I check-in mid-day to see where I am so I can adjust my intake to reach my goals by the end of the day


  • Pair drinking water with another habit you already do frequently: Check you email drink a sip of water. Check Instagram Drink a glass of water.


  • Where is the water? Keep the water close. If you have to go searching for water and it is already a habit you do not care to complete then you are not doing yourself any favors. Preparation is key. Make it easy.


  • Know what works for you: I hate cold water and drinking water out of a glass. In order to come close to hitting my goals I drink room temperature water out of a glass bottle. Will that be your jam…. probably not, but experiment and find out what leads you to drink more throughout the day


  • Find someone or something to hold you accountable: Ever say you are going to go running at 5 am and then it rolls around and you just hit the snooze button? What if you had to meet a friend there? You would want to hit that snooze button but then you would think of your friend waiting for you and you would roll your tired butt out of bed. Now a days there is an app. For everything. The one I am currently using is Plant Nanny!


  • Make an X : Set small goals and everytime you hit that goal make an X on your calendar. Once you have acquired a couple of X’s you won’t want to break that habit.


  • How do you feel: Experiment. Nothing motivates folks to keep a habit going like seeing changes in how they look and feel. Notice the changes in mood, energy, food choices, performance on the days that you drink water versus the days that you don’t.


  • Success Breeds Success : Set small goals that you know you will easily hit. Nothing breeds success like success. Start small and then add more every other week. In a month you will be blown away with how far you have come.


Looking for help setting and meeting your goals. Reach out. Theresa.Worley@icloud.com