Break Free of Yo-Yo Dieting. Set yourself up for a lifetime of Success


   Arby’s. Burger King. Jerry Subs. Chili’s. Boston Market. Five Guys. This is not a list of places that you should never go but a list of places that my now husband and I ate on the regular when we first started dating.


    The progression of our relationship almost mirrors that of our food choices. People often think that they can go from zero to hero in a week. We often overestimate what we can do in a month but underestimate what we can do in a year.


    If your weekly food prep is finding the latest and greatest “to-go” food menus then do not expect to successfully eat grilled chicken and broccoli for the next month. Can you do it? For sure but for most people this will last a week before they say f*ck it and double down on the to-go meals. (p.s. I am not advocating to just eat broccoli and chicken - that sound insanely boring) 


    Currently we cook 90% of our meals at home with a heavy emphasis on lean proteins, healthy fats (avocado, olive oil, butter, eggs, dairy), and veggies and fruit. What you do not know is that this was a progression over the last fifteen years with the addition of the veggies coming in just this last year.


    After we finally decided that eating out everyday was not conducive to our wallets, waistline and health, we traded in our drive through windows for frozen meals. We were the hot pocket and frozen pizza kings. There was not a time where we didnt have a 2L bottle of diet soda by our sides or a bag of chips. Fruit? You mean fruit snacks?


    As we progressed through the continuum we started cooking and by we I mean my husband.. We were Mexican food connoisseurs making tacos, fajitas, nachos and quesadillas every week. Why Mexican food?? Well, that’s my husbands favorite. He is a creature of habit and he never EVER tires of eating the same thing day after day. To this day he could still eat mexican food every day of the week. This is his SUPERPOWER.


    I love a good Mexican dish but the reason I actually started cooking was after a year  of Mexican night every night, I was itching for a little variety . My spur for healthy living came after I found CrossFit. I swore when I started CrossFit that I would not do that “Paleo-thing”. Of course six months in I was knee deep in paleo food websites, the whole-thirty and anything that was not Mexican food.  


   It was here that I found the benefits of real whole foods. I would love to say that I ate a ton of veggies here but that would be lying. I certainly ate more “green” stuff than I did when I was a  professional taste tester at Arby’s. It wasn't until I hired a nutrition coach that I really learned that food is fuel for your body and not something that was created to work against you. I never would have gotten to this point if I forced myself to go from Arby’s to lean meats and veggies everyday of the week.


So here is my point put a different way. If you've never run a day in your life, would you sign up for a marathon tomorrow? Can you do it, yes! Likelihood of finishing, it being a success, you building an everlasting love for running? Very slim.


    Where you are and where you want to go is a process that builds upon itself overtime. Start slow. Maybe this means one veggie a week or one walk a week as you build to the next level. If you added a new habit every other week that you were able to sustain that would be 25 new habits by the end of the year. What would your life look like with 25 new habits that you were able to continue over a lifetime?


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