Consistency NOT Perfection - the key to lasting weight-loss


Consistency day in and day out yields results. I am not talking about consistency for a week, month or even your twelve week challenge. I am talking about consistency over six months to a year. Notice how I said consistency not perfection. These are two different things. Most people think that for results that they need to be consistently perfect and if they can not do that, why bother. It is this thought process that prevents people from stopping at one slice of pizza or one day of poor choices. They weren’t perfectly consistent so they say F*CK it and eat the whole pie or just give up entirely.



Consistency over a day - no problem. Consistency over a week - ehh. Consistency over a month is hard. Now think about consistency over six months or a year. That takes grit, accountability and preparation.


This is also the reason I preach slow and consistent habit changes. It is difficult to go from never eating vegetables and working out to expecting yourself to do that everyday for six months on end. If changing our habits was the only thing we had to focus on we might have a chance but it isn’t. That little thing called life often throws us a curveball or two on the daily. Don’t workout or eat veggies. Think about adding it in once a week. When that shit is easy try for two days.


Chances are you wont drop 10lbs in a month this way but when you do drop the ten pounds that weight is never coming back. How is your friend doing that dropped ten pounds in a month?? How many times have they lost that same ten pounds? I don’t know about you but I like to hit my goals and then move onto the bigger and better things not the same old same old over and over again.


    P.S. nobody is perfectly consistent so give up that notion that you have to be too.

P.S.S. What may look easy from the outside often isn’t - this is hard for everyone whether they talk about it or not.


If you struggle with consistency and you know that is a weakness. Get a coach. They will make sure that you do not bite off more than you can chew at any one time.  Have you ever made grand plans the night before going to bed. You promise yourself you are going to get up at 5am and workout, wash the laundry, make breakfast and read a book. Well 5am rolls around and the only thing you are waking up to do is to hit the snooze button over and over again. Breaking plans with yourself makes you feel deflated when you finally decide to get up and keeps you from making plans and goals in the future.


A good coach might suggest that you wake up at 0630 to add just a light walk in for a couple of weeks so that you build confidence and success.


Coaches hold you accountable and help you over the speed bumps of life. For most people it is easy for us to break promises to ourselves that we would never dream of if anyone else was involved. Knowing that you have to check-in with someone else is often enough to keep you pushing forward. The speed bumps in life often bump us off track but a coach is not only there to catch you but also help you to walk through that speed bump so you can continue making progress now and in the future.


Lastly, coaches push us out of our comfort zone. They challenge us to take that next step that we need to take. Without that little push from a coach we would often talk ourselves out of that next step. Just past our comfort zone is often where the most  progress is made.


If you don’t know where to start take one objective and break down the goal. Is your goal to work out three times a week but you do not do anything at all right now then start by walking.  


Walk three times a week for ten minutes. Each day you walk put an X on your calendar so you can see your progress and consistency. Seeing a couple of X’s in a row will make you feel proud. You won’t want to break your streak. Once you have done this for a month add on another 10 minutes.  On these walks think about activities that you like to participate in or have participated in before. Maybe you like playing soccer or maybe you like zumba or always wanted to try. On these walks decide when you will try zumba or if there is an adult soccer league you might want to try.


Keep working up to more activity until eventually you are working out three times a week.


Do you you struggle with consistency over a period of time. Send me an email at We can strategize what has held you back from being consistent in the past and what we can do moving forward so that you can have new goals this time next year.