Fat.....The evil stepsister!


If people consider carbs to be the evil stepmother in the movie Cinderella, then they often think of fat as one of the evil step sisters. Still plenty evil but not quite as bad. Thankfully the days of no fat or super low fat diets have passed thanks to diets like Paleo, Atkins and Keto.


There are many benefits to having fat as part of a healthy diet. For one they are delicious. The second is that they keep you full and satisfied.


Do you remember the low fat days when Snackwell cookies were all the rage? I was on that bandwagon hard core, but the problem was you could never eat just one or two of those cookies, it was always like half the box at a time. The reason is because they had little to no fat so you never felt satisfied.


On the other hand if you included a little bit of nut butters on an apple, you would feel much happier, satisfied and be able to move on with the day. Including fat into your diet actually works in your favor because it will keep you from having the munchies all day long.


Fats have many important jobs in your body. They help form our cell membranes, brain and nervous system. They help to transport fat soluble vitamins such as A, D, E & K. Most importantly, fats are essential building blocks to hormones like testosterone, estrogen, cortisol and so forth. Why is this important? These things keep your body running ship shape and feeling good. I do not know about you but I don't just want to look good I want to feel good.


Having trouble dropping weight especially around the mid-section? Have irregular periods or none at all when you should? Are you often fatigued? Anxious? Depression? Irritable? Not sleeping?


These can all be symptoms of your hormones being out of whack. Not only can an imbalance or decrease in certain hormones keep you from feeling your best self it can also keep you from reaching your goals.


Your body is not going to let go of body fat when it feel like it is not getting what it needs to function. Sometimes when you haven’t been good to your body for so long, it requires you to take a step back before you can move forward.


The question of course is how much fat is too little and how much is too much. The goal should be about a “thumb size” amount of fat for three to four meals if you are female and for males you would double that. So men will eat three to four meals with two “thumbs” of fat per meal. Of course this is just an estimate based on the general population. Everyone’s needs are little different based on their unique circumstances and goals. .


Yes, of course it is possible to have too much fat as it is too little. Not sure where to start. A good place to start is if you think you might have too much fat in your diet is to start by looking at where your fats are coming from. Are your fats coming from a bag/box/package? If the answer is yes then start there. Every week trade out one snack or part of a meal for a whole food substitute. The goals is always just to be a little bit better then the week before.


After you have traded out “real” food for processed food you can start monitoring how much fat you add with each meal.


Below are some suggestions of fats to include in your meal.



Again, the biggest goal is to just be a little bit better than yesterday. If we could all do that each and everyday we wouldn’t even recognize the road we are on by the end of the year.

Still a little confused. Do you have more questions or would you like some more guidance. Feel free to contact me at Theresa.Worley@icloud.com