Tracking Macros vs Counting Calories


What the F*ck is this tracking “macros” that everyone is talking about!! If this is you, tune in for the next couple of weeks.



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The idea of tracking what you eat to lose weight is a common concept that people are both familiar and comfortable with. What is a little more foreign is the idea of tracking macros or “macronutrients”. The macronutrients that I am talking about are Protein, Carbs, Fat, and Fiber.


Tracking macros is far superior to tracking just calories.


In order to lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume. It doesn't matter if you are doing low carb, keto, weight watchers, macros etc.  When you are just tracking calories you can fill those calories with anything - candy, fries, salads, etc. This means hypothetically you can lose weight just eating french fries. You can do this but you may not want to. For one you will probably end up hating french fries! No one wants to hate french fries!


Secondly, you will probably end up being “skinny fat” meaning that you will fit into a certain size but you will be devoid of that “toned” look that everyone is trying to obtain.


That age old tale of “you are what you eat” is true. Who knew?  


Lastly, there is no way you will be feeling your best. French Fries are devoid of vitamins and minerals needed to meet your nutritional needs.


Now your body is awesome and it can turn “shit” into gold meaning it can produce many of what you body needs, but there are many things such as certain amino acids, minerals and vitamins that your body can only get from food.

Without giving your body what it needs it will probably be functioning like a flip phone rather than the latest iphone that you know you are.

Yes, we want to look awesome but we all have other goals in life rather then just looking great. We want to be killing it in all areas in our life. You just can’t do that if you are feeling like crap.


When you are tracking macros, you are ensuring that you body is getting what it needs to run its best. You are 100% unable to hit your macros by eating just french fries. You are gonna have to throw a little variety in there.  Each macronutrient serves a purpose in our body (tune in over the next couple of weeks to learn more). Now you can hack the system. You might have heard of IIFYM (if it fits your macros). This is where people try to consumes as much junk as possible: McDonalds, poptarts, cake, etc and still hit their “macros”. Even if you decided to do this you would still be better off than just tracking calories …..but  I don’t advise this. The benefit of macros is that it does allow you to fit treats into your diet without guilt or derailing your progress while still reaching your goals, it just shouldn't be your whole diet.


Just tracking calories is an outdated one size fits all model. Macros allows your diet to be tailored to you! We are all different with different bodies, lives and goals. So shouldn’t our diet be individual? So come on board and become your best self.

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