Why weighing and measuring your food is like saving for a House


I feel like tracking and specifically weighing and measuring your food is one of those things that people are either for or really against. I think if you are trying to reach a specific goal in a specified amount of time then it is necessary.

Think about it in terms of money. What if you were trying to save up to buy a house. How would you go about that? The first thing you would do is probably figure out how much money you make and then what your expenses are. If you wanted to save more for your house each month, you would have to know where you can trim your expenses back or how to make more money. The only way to figure that out is to know what you are actually spending.


If you were trying to save for a house in two years, you would probably keep tighter tabs on your daily spending than if you were trying to save for a house 15 years down the road.


This is the same concept when we are talking about food. How do you know where you need to go if you do not know where you are? Just the act of tracking is eye opening to most people and helps you move in the direction that you want to go. You may not realize that you eat Pop-tarts and M&M’s everyday until you are forced to write it down. My philosophy is that you want to lose weight on as many calories as possible at a slow rate such as a 1lb a week. This will enable you to change and ingrain new habits into your life as you lose the weight so that you can keep it off forever. I also believe that food quality is just as important to your life as quantity. You can eat more, feel better and look the way you want to when 80% of your diet is from lean meats, fruits, veggies, potatoes, rice, etc…..aka….food that spoils, not one that can last a lifetime in a package.


Tracking is a good place to start. It helps you to see where you can make immediate improvements or changes. For instance instead of two donuts and a latte in the morning maybe you start choosing eggs and blueberries with a coffee. The reason I think that measuring and specifically weighing food is the gold standard is what we think we are eating and what we are actually eating are often two separate things. Let’s take peanut butter….my favorite.  Have you ever eaten just one tablespoon of peanut butter? Be honest with yourself…..was it really just one tablespoon?? What you think is a tablespoon and what a tablespoon actually is are two different things….. Sad story right??? Not losing weight? Start weighing your food including cooking oils and sauces…..you may be consuming more calories than you thought.


Almond Butter - Not measured or Weighed

35.5g or 211 Calories




Almond Butter - Measured

18g or 107 Calories




Almond Butter - Weighed

16g or 95 Calories



Tracking, weighing and measuring food can be overwhelming and difficult at first. Everything worth doing is…….it will get easier.  It also doesn't have to be done forever. When you are weighing and measuring your food, start to guess the amounts. This will help you learn how to eyeball food correctly in the future.

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