Why I don't want a six-pack


I don't want a six pack…...well I do. If they were giving them out as free samples in Costco, I would surely grab one. One for myself and a friend of course because I am a thoughtful friend. It would be a great accessory to my bathing suit. I think I would wear it well. But here is the deal. Abs are not sold in Costco, Target or Saks Fifth Avenue. They are made of consistent hard work, sacrifice and planning.

While being fit and healthy is an important goal to me, the number of things that I would have to give up to not only obtain but maintain a six pack is more than I am willing to do right now. I have two young children and we love to make cookies and enjoy ice cream and donuts as a family. I want to take part in this family experience fully which means indulging in ice cream, donuts and cookies. Having young kids means that there is limited time for food planning and prep. Could I make the time for proper food planning and prep? Of course, but I would have to give up some time with my kids.  Do I want to do that at this time….NO.


I love crossfit! I call it sweat therapy!! I love making PR’s on my olympic lifts and getting better at the workout of the day.  Would a six pack help me be better at crossfit? Maybe….but most likely not because to be good at Crossfit, you need fuel and lots of it. I also love to eat... A  LOT !! A six pack for me would mean I would have to cut down on eating which just doesn't sound very appealing to me right now.


Here is the thing…..this is all ok! There is a different season for any dream or goal that you have. Maybe one day the attainment of a six pack will be my top goal. Today, it is not. What if I was unwilling to make the changes needed to attain abs but I still EXPECTED to hit that goal? Well ….folks that would just spell misery………...Goals are great! They are like the lighthouse in the dark! Just make sure that your goals are in alignment with what is needed to be done and what you are willing to do to obtain them.



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