What is the Secret to Success? Put your Coffee on a Timer


As the day winds down in my household I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I crave the moment when I can exhale the day and enjoy the sounds of silence. Often the last thing I want to do is prepare for the next day….I mean I just barely finished this day…..why bother.  


Really, I just want to watch an episode of Life in Pieces…but if I am being completely honest I am just looking for my bed.


When I give into the urge to throw caution to the wind like the next day will never come, I always end up a frazzled mess. All too often it is that night that I am awoken by tiny footsteps several times in the middle of night. We are always rushed in the morning for one reason or another. Not only does the morning go differently than I have planned but so often the day does as well. In moments of stress and frustration, I make the easiest choice possible which is not always the best choice.


If I take the twenty extra minutes to make the coffee, think about my goals for the day ahead, what I am going to have for breakfast, pack my bags and lunch, I am often ready for the day at hand. Regardless of how many footsteps I hear in the middle of the night, and the chaos that ensues in the morning, I am ready to handle the day. With my goals already set for the day, the choices that I make are much more likely to fall in line.


These days I have worked my next day preparations into the end of the day tasks….this way when the end of the day finally comes I have time for some Netflix.


As I put away dinner, I portion out what I am going to eat for lunch and place it in a separate container. It is at this time I prepare the snacks I will eat throughout the day.


While I put the dishes away, I prep the coffee machine. Having hot coffee ready to pour first thing in the morning is a crucial life hack for me.


Have a plan!! Without a plan you are at the mercy of the day. Yes it takes more work but anything worth having does.


I challenge you to do one thing the night before. Even if it is just make the coffee and put it on a timer. I promise you it will be life changing.

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