WISHES are NOT goals



What would happen if you wrote out one goal for the week or the month each and everyday? The trick is the goal you pick needs to be within your control. Wishes are not goals. I wish I could win the lottery. I wish my three year old would sleep through the night and wake up at 7:30 am everyday. I wish to lose ten pounds this month.  Everyone will agree with me winning the lottery isn’t up to you. What most people will argue with, is whether losing 10 lbs in a month is. I will argue that it is not. What is in your control is the habits that you chose each and everyday. Choosing to eat vegetables over chocolate. Choosing working-out or walking instead of watching TV.  Habits are within your control but the outcome of those habits are not.


For example, let’s say cooking a meal once a week for a month is your goal. What if everyday first thing you did was write down this goal. When you write a goal down, your brain automatically starts to come up with a way to make this a possibility. You brain figures out where you can find a recipe, the time to go grocery shopping and which day you are going to cook.


I started doing this last year. Each day I wrote down one goal for the month. Sometimes the goals were easily obtainable but sometimes they felt like a stretch. More often than not I reached my goal. If I fell short I was closer than I thought was possible.


I challenge you starting tomorrow to pick one goal for the month and write it down each and everyday!! I promise you that you will surprise yourself.


I would love to hear how this worked for you!! Contact me at Theresa.Worley@icloud.com