DON'T let a SLIP UP become a GIVE UP


None of us are perfect. Not you, me or Jimmy that seems perfect on facebook. The difference between someone that makes progress and someone that rides the train to the same destination of nowheresville time and time again is how they react to less than stellar choices and situations.

    When you have a slip-up, how do you react to it? Do you shrug it off as a moment of weakness, own it and then get right back on the plan or do you use that one M&M, slice of cake, pizza as your downfall? Are you thinking about how you can be more prepared next time, make a better choice or are you beating yourself up into oblivion? Are you telling yourself that since you made one mistake, it is not even worth trying and you should give up? Now one slice of pizza becomes the whole pie or pizza everyday for a week.

    It is crazy what we tell ourselves. If for one minute you verbalized what you tell yourself when you have a slip up to someone else having the same challenge, you would feel like the most heartless person alive. Try it… time you start feeling bad about one choice and you are heading quickly to “do any of my choices even matter...why bother?”  envision what you would tell your best friend if they came to you in the same situation.

     How many times does a toddler fall down on their way to learning to walk? Even after they start walking and seem to be proficient at it, how many times do they fall on the daily? I can tell you a lot and unfortunately the bruises on my daughters face and legs would confirm that as well.

    At any point after any fall would you tell a toddler to give up walking, it‘s not worth it. You fell once this is clearly a sign that you should never walk again. Hell NO! You would tell them to get up and try again. Every toddler dusts themselves off, sheds a couple of tears and then gets back at it. Guess what…..they go from being a novice that is falling every other step to an expert that rarely falls. Failing is part of the deal……..just don't let it be the end of the deal.

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