Double Under Madness


When I first started Crossfit, I longed to have a double under. The idea of a double under seemed reasonable. Instead of jumping rope with the rope passing under your feet once each time you jumped, the rope would pass under your feet twice per jump. Seems easy right….and for some people it might be, but for me it was not.

It seemed that the harder I tried the worse my attempts were. I would end up hitting myself in the leg, arm and face. My body would be covered with welts. Each time I saw double unders as part of the workout I would dread going to the gym just a little bit.

When my mom told me about a double under clinic that was being hosted at her gym, I almost fell over myself to sign up. I looked forward to the clinic for weeks on end. I was sure that there was some secret that I was missing. I just knew when I left this clinic I would leave with smooth continuous double unders. If they would have told me at the clinic double under success required me to turn around three times, kiss the ground and squawk like a chicken, I would have done it. While the clinic offered solid tips, they were no different than the ones that I had heard at my gym. Unfortunately, the secret to success was what I suspected all along……practice, practice, practice. Not just practice once a month but daily. After the clinic, I made a commitment to myself that each day I would practice my double unders for five minutes. After weeks and months of practice ….I slowly but surely began to piece together double unders.

 “Nice story but I could care less about double unders.” You may not want a double under but think about this story and your goals to be healthier, lose weight, move more or do your first pull-up/push-up. When I first talk to people, I sometimes sense that they are hoping that I have a life hack or little known secret to lose weight or reach their goals. They are hoping for the hop on one foot, turn around, quack like a duck and the world is your answer. The solution is simple but not easy. You must change. Not only must you make changes but you have to make these changes consistently, day in and day out for a substantial amount of time. People often become overwhelmed because they think that they must change everything all at once. Imagine having never completed a double under,  I expected to complete a 100 double unders each day before leaving the gym. I promise you after day one I would have quit and never looked back. Pick a small goal and find consistent success. Start by adding a vegetable or fruit to your diet twice a week or by taking a walk once a week. Be proud of your small successes. Once these become easy build upon them. In six months when you look back you won’t even recognize your old lifestyle. Hell you might be stringing a 100 double unders in a row.


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