Change your Perspective.....Change your Life


I hate everything about winter. I hate being cold. I love to wear flip flops and in the winter there will be none of that. I have a disdain for layers: sweaters over shirts, jackets over sweaters. The bulk makes me feel like the boy from the movie “Christmas Story.” Now that I have kids, my dislike for winter has grown because now, not only do I have to layer myself, I have to do that for my kids….it involves tears, holding children down while trying to pull jackets over tiny arms. Fighting the never ending fight of getting the hat to stay on the little head. Once you get the winter clothes on, in the blink of an eye you are taking it all off, only to once again to put it all back on. It is a never ending battle.


Last year we had a mild winter. We are talking walks outside with no coat in the middle of february. This year no such luck. For about two weeks we had the coldest temperature that I could remember. We had 0 degree weather for days on end. I know if you are from up north this may not even seem cold, but to me this was the coldest I could ever remember.


It had me begging and praying for freezing 32 degree weather. It is funny because any other year I would consider 32 degree weather unbearable. Now it was all that I wanted.


When the cold chill finally broke and the temperatures rose to the mid-thirties, I noticed how grateful and happy I was. It dawned on me, had I not experienced what I considered the arctic cold, I would not have been so grateful for the plain old cold weather.


It is all about perspective and experience. It reminded me of when I used to make my coffee with milk and sugar which in reality was mostly milk/sugar and a little bit of coffee. I was also the Grande Starbuck’s White Mocha queen. I swore up and down I could not drink coffee any other way.


At one point I tried the Whole30 which involves no added sugar. It was at this point that I stopped adding sugar to my coffee. At first it hit me in the face like the 0 degree weather. I found it to be gross. After a while it became the norm. Now a latte from Starbucks seems like a decadent treat. That white mocha that I used to crave over and over again...well now it is too sweet.


I challenge you to pick one thing to change and make it the norm. Maybe it is swapping cookies for apples and a tablespoon of peanut-butter. It could be adding a helping of spinach to your eggs in the morning. Pick one small thing. Yes, it will be hard in the beginning. Any change often is. If you stick with it, which I know you will, you will find that not only will it quickly become easier but it will become your norm.

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