Small Steps....Big Reward


Tomorrow I am never eating chocolate, cake or cookies again! Next week I am going to the gym five days a week (even though you use your gym card as a bottle opener).  Have you ever made a similar statement looking at yourself in the mirror wondering how you ended up here in the first place?

Even with the best intentions I can guarantee you that by Friday at 5pm you will probably be drinking a margarita, eating chips and salsa, eyeing up that dessert menu.  You will be promising yourself that next week is when you will begin your workout routine, no dessert, clean eating..

Here is the deal…..for most of us a radical all or nothing change is not only difficult but it is a death sentence to whatever goal you have set for yourself. Don’t worry. You are not alone. Remember that new year’s resolution that you set for yourself….well 80% of those around you regularly throw in the towel by the second week in February  (

The name of the game is baby steps and patience. First of all, success breeds success. Remember that time you failed a test? How did it make you feel about that class? Not good probably. Think about all of the things you do well or have succeed at…….bet you are willing to give that a try again.

Choose a small goal. Now cut that in half. Now cut that in half again. Got it! Good. Do you think you can achieve that? For example, your goal is to work out 5 days a week but you don’t workout at all.  How about walking for ten extra minutes once a week. Do that for two to three weeks and then add another day. Before you know it you won't be able to remember a time when you didn’t walk each day.  #yougotthis

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” – Bill Gates


Not sure where to start? Have questions? Let me help you.