You are who you SAY you are


We have all heard the saying “you are what you eat.” Who knew that it would turn out to be true. If you eat crap all the time you will probably look and feel like crap. If you fill yourself with whole foods 80% of the time, you will look and feel delicious and nutritious.

What people are probably less aware of is that “you are who you say you are.” These are the things you say aloud and the things that you say to yourself as well. Your thoughts impact what you notice and what you notice impacts what you believe. What the hell does that mean?

First let me start with an example. I am the oldest of five. My youngest brother is headed for the law school route but my sister Liz is a stand-up comedian, my sister Emily is a jazz vocal singer, my brother Sam is a creative genius who can basically create anything. In this picture I have always identified myself as the sciency one. I loved Science growing up and eventually became a nurse. I never saw myself as a creative person. In fact I would regularly say it out loud. That just wasn't for me. That was for Emily, Sam and Liz. Here is the deal though - it  isn’t true. I love taking pictures especially those that are black and white. I love the idea of turning old things into new things, I love flowers and the perfect bouquet and it turns out that I love to write which surprises me the most of all. Every time I would say I am not the creative one or Liz is the writer it would pull me further and further from giving it a try. Starting this business I knew a blog would be part of it. It would be part of expressing my ideas and hopefully getting people to challenge their own status quo. In this journey I have discovered in me that I love to create. Once I dropped the inner dialogue of “I am not creative” it gave me the freedom to create.

Have you ever noticed once you start looking to buy a certain item say a red car in this instance that you suddenly notice that item everywhere? Did the world suddenly decided to snap up all of the red cars and start driving them on the road? No, they have always been there, you just started noticing. As you decide whether this red car will be a good purchase your, subconscious looks for all of the ways to prove that this red car would be a good purchase hence you start noticing them more frequently.

That’s awesome but how does this apply to my life? When you make statements to yourself like “I am just a fat kid at heart” or “I am not an athlete” or “I never make the healthy choice” your brain goes on a mission to try and prove you right. As you try and make new habits and changes to your life, you are holding yourself back by using these statements. You are basically trying to run with a sled on your back. You are trying to make a change, try a sport, workout, or make healthy choices and your brain is like um….that is not who we are... why are you doing this? No wonder you keep finding yourself face first in cake, skipping out on your workouts.

These statements that you make are who you “were” and are not where you are going. You must let them go in order to move forward.  Like anything that has become a part of your identity it is hard to break free but not impossible. As always the first step to change is awareness.

First become aware when you say or think these statements. As that become a regular part of your routine when they come up, just shout “STOP” (probably best to do this in your head). This is step one and two. The next step is filling your brain with a statement that represents the identity that you want or are working towards. I like to use affirmations but you can do it anyway you like. I like to say the same thing over and over to myself until I believe it. I for one like to tell myself that I am creative and that creativity flows through me. Did I believe this at first? Nope….I have thirty-some odd years of believing that science was my only game. Saying a couple of words a couple of times won’t brainwash you….at least not right away. The thing is to start interrupting the party of doubt and giving your brain something new to focus on. Everytime I say that I am creative, my brain will be on the lookout and search for ways to prove it which will give me more confidence when I repeat the above affirmation.

Overtime this will become my new identity. Would it be easier to continue to walk, eat healthy, workout, think positive if you just internalized that is who you are? Wouldn't that be an endeavour worth trying?

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