Real Food Wins.....ALWAYS

Lately, I found that individuals are afraid of real food. They are scared of fruit because they think they are full of sugar. They are afraid of potatoes because they are an “evil” carb. They are afraid of eating their favorite cucumber snack because it involves putting a little salt on it. Let me ask you a question…….is a mango a better choice than a candy bar? Is a baked potato better than eating a bag of sour cream and onion potato chips?

    Yes, if you eat a whole bag of potatoes everyday….you will probably end up with a problem from both a health and waist line stand point. Let me ask you a question though. When have you ever stood in your kitchen at 9 pm at night in front of the 2 lb bag of potatoes trying to prevent yourself from eating just one more baked potato. I am going to go out on a limb and say a resounding “never”. Let's revisit this same scenario but with the candy bar or a bag of sour-cream and onion potato chips. Chances are if it is 9 pm at night and you're feeling “snacky” that bag of potato chips or candy bar would be done before you finish this article.

So here is the deal. Real food wins……..ALWAYS! For one it is going to keep you fuller for longer. It will also provide your body with all the goodness of macro/micronutrients that are going to have you feeling your best while moving you on your way to looking your best.

Still not convinced. Think of it this way. Imagine you are on your way for a beach trip. Something I would love to be planning in this frozen tundra. Your car is packed. Rocking your best flip flops. Windows down. Right before you go you spend twenty minutes finding the right song on the radio to get your trip started. All the while you neglect that you have a flat tire and no gas. I think the right playlist on the radio is super important for a successful beach trip but you are never going to get there without air in the tires and gas in the car. It is just not the most important thing. So for now let go of your concern of how much sugar are in the grapes or carbs are in the potatoes. Eat the damn thing. Once your start eating real foods all the time we can make the little tweaks to get you to where you want to go but we need to get the car moving in the right direction.

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