Registered Nurse    

Precision Nutrition Level 1


I love to eat! Always have and always will! I remember my first meal with my husband. We were eating tacos and he said, “Some people eat to live. I live to eat”. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the reason we are married. The reason I live, is to EAT.

So how does someone who lives to eat become a nutrition coach?  I have always considered myself to be healthy and fit. I have also always felt that I needed to lose weight…sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. I have tried low fat, low calorie, Atkins, Paleo and every diet in between. They all ended with me face first into a slice of vanilla bean cheesecake and a can of coke.

My biggest struggle with weight came after the birth of my second child. After having my daughter instead of losing weight, I began to gain weight! I decided that maybe it was time to try something different, so I reached out to a nutrition coach! It was life changing. Not only did I lose the weight I gained with my pregnancy, but I am also leaner and more confident in my own skin than I have ever been. Turns out I did not know as much about healthy eating as I thought. 

So what is SustainableSelf Nutrition? First and foremost this is not a quick fix because I have found that quick fixes tend to backfire. I am about making healthy habits lifelong.  This means it must fit your life. Good living should include things such as vegetables, fruits and lean meats, but it should also include a night out with your friends and dessert. By changing habits slowly they become second nature.


It does take hard work, preparation, challenging yourself and changing the way you think but it should also be enjoyable. And should still taste good! That is my goal.